It's time to spring forward -- on the clock and with a warming-up Sunday


Winter-weary Minnesotans starved for daylight will get more of it with the annual time switch with Daylight Saving Time. Setting clocks ahead one hour will cost you an hour of sleep, but the longer days will give you more time to enjoy a Sunday that will be positively springlike.

KARE's forecast for the metro area on Sunday calls for afternoon highs near 45 degrees, with sunny skies. in the afternoon. More of the same is on the way; highs should be in the 50s on Monday and Tuesday.

In Duluth, WDIO reports Sunday temperatures will climb back into the upper 30s, with sun making a reappearance by the afternoon. KTTC in Rochester predicts some snowflakes early Sunday, with the possibility of a half-inch early accumulation south of I-90. That will be followed by afternoon sunshine with high temperatures in the lower 40s, with warmer than normal, spring-like days expected for the entire week.

A fun fact about Daylight Saving Time: it was invented by Benjamin Franklin. The practice has been controversial in the past, so much so that two books are devoted to the history of the practice.

In Spring Forward, a book by Michael Downing, the author notes that before the U.S. Uniform Time Act of 1966, Daylight Saving Time was often observed locally—and chaos was the result. He cited Minnesota as an example of the problems that came before the time switch was uniformly adopted.

"In Minnesota, St. Paul was on one time, Minneapolis was on a different time, and Duluth was on Wisconsin time." Downing explained in an interview in this month's National Geographic. "In fact, somebody even found a Minneapolis office building in which the different floors of the building were observing different time zones because they were the offices of different counties."

The book Seize the Daylight by David Prerau details the practice, which "...has led to surprisingly contentious clashes between numerous politicians, scientists, and interest groups in the United States and all across the globe."

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