More than 300 crashes on slick Twin Cities roads this morning

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During Friday's morning rush hour, there were more than 300 crashes on Twin Cities metro roads – slick after a small band of overnight snow and a spike in temperature.

Some reporters spent much of the morning tweeting about different accidents, and how they were affecting traffic. A few examples:

Most of the roads in the Twin Cities were considered partially covered in snow or ice. That was true up into northeast and northern Minnesota as well. One stretch of road – Highway 38, from Grand Rapids up toward Bigfork – was completely covered.

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Today's forecast

Today is going to feel warm compared to what we've been experiencing. Though throughout basically the entire state, the heat wave will be brief. Expect to have to bundle up again Saturday and Sunday, with highs dorpping down to single digits once again.

Twin Cities: More light snow this morning, continuing through rush hour. A high of 26 degrees (above zero, for the record) with a slight chance of snow this evening. [Click here for more]

Duluth: A high of 19 degrees – but some snow before 2 p.m. Also a 20 percent chance of snow Friday night, with wind gusts up to 15 mph. A high in the upper teens Saturday before the temps drop back to frigid on Sunday, with an expected high of minus 1. [Click here for more]

Rochester: An 80 percent chance of snow today, with a high getting up to about 23. A breezy day, wind 10-17 mph. A small chance of snow tonight as well. [Click here for more]

Moorhead: A 20 percent chance of snow throughout most of Friday, through the evening. High of 26, with temps plummeting Saturday – to just a high of 1. [Click here for more]

Marshall: You'll probably get above freezing, actually, with a projected high of 33. A chance of flurries after midnight. [Click here for more]

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