11 ways to offer 'kindness and compassion' in the spirit of Jacob

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Minnesotans are looking for ways to honor Jacob Wetterling and his family, after the devastating answers given by a suspect Tuesday, nearly 27 years after his abduction.

Those searching include a children's soccer team, as the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center explains on Facebook.

It's all very well-put in the Facebook post, to be honest, so definitely read it through. But basically, the center was touched by the team's request to all wear No. 11 – Jacob's jersey number, as he was a huge sports fan – during their next match.

To expand on it, the center spoke with Jacob's mother, Patty Wetterling, and came up with 11 ideas for things people can do to "nurture a culture of kindness and compassion."

The post has been shared more than 2,500 times now, with people offering supportive photos and comments.

There are other things planned.

Details are in the works for an event to create joy, celebrate kindness and spread love in honor of Jacob.

Organizers are hoping to host the event in the Paynesville-St. Joseph area on Oct. 1, but they’re still looking for volunteers to help with music, fundraising, food shelf donations, a flashmob and clean up.

There's also a "Running HOME for Jacob 5K" the resource center will hold on Oct. 22, the date Jacob was kidnapped and killed.

Patty Wetterling spoke Tuesday following the confession of a 53-year-old Minnesota man, who said he was responsible for Jacob's death. During that time, she said it was too difficult to speak much more. But on Twitter Wednesday, offered this:


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