Jailed Twin Cities tennis coach accused of trying to 'tweet' to his victim

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When Daniel Erik Hubbard Wilson, a former Visitation High School tennis coach, was convicted last month for an inappropriate relationship he had with a student, he was sentenced to a year in jail – a much lighter punishment than the six-year prison sentence he was facing.

Now, after being accused of violating the terms of the plea deal that got him that sentence, he could be headed to prison after all.

According to WCCO, Wilson is alleged to have asked fellow inmates at the Ramsey County workhouse to help him contact the teenage victim.

The station says he's accused of paying other inmates for their phone time in an apparent scheme to get outside contacts to send the girl Twitter messages.

Doing so would be a direct violation of his sentence – he was instructed to have no contact with the victim, who was 15 at the time of their sexual relationship.

"He's worried, and he's taking it very seriously," Wilson's attorney said, according to the Star Tribune.

Before his sentencing, Wilson had shown a pattern of attempting to communicate with the girl against court orders.

While legal proceedings were still underway in December, his bail was upped to $1 million after having tried to contact her at least twice, violating a restraining order against him.

Wilson is scheduled to appear before a Ramsey County judge Thursday to address the issue, the Star Tribune reports.

If the judge finds Wilson has violated the terms of his sentence, she could send him to prison to serve a six-year term.

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