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Jamie Foxx producing Marvin Gaye miniseries

After three decades of trying, why is Jamie Foxx the one to finally bring Marvin Gaye's story to the screen?

The latest music biography to be announced is one many fans never thought would see the light of day. 32 years after his death, Marvin Gaye's life story is finally hitting the big screen thanks to producer Jamie Foxx. Gaye's son Marvin Gaye III has stepped into the role of executive producer, and with the blessing of Motown founder Berry Gordy secured, the limited series will be shopped to distribution and media outlets.

With how much Marvin Gaye's work has been covered and sampled within the hip-hop realm, his music has continued to make an impact on generation after generation of rappers and producers. Now, with Oscar winning part-time hip-hop participant Jamie Foxx lending his abilities to the project, this could be what connects one of music's most intriguing legacies for decades of listeners to come.

Sharing production duties with Foxx is Passe Jones Entertainment's Suzanne de Passe, who was a longtime creative assistant for Motown and produced several of their television specials. Newer fans (who quite possibly were conceived to Gaye's music) may recognize Gaye's work sampled in Wale's "My P.Y.T.," Chris Brown's "Back to Sleep," and Kanye West's "Spaceship."

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