January's parting gift to Minnesota is a 'wintry mix'


Lots of people enjoy Betty Crocker's Chex Mix. At social gatherings guests may get to know each other through a party mixer. You can design your own groove with the help of a DJ mix.

But one kind of mix that's not very popular is the one forecasters call a wintry mix.

And that combination of rain, sleet, freezing rain, ice, and/or snow is what a wide swath of Minnesota can expect this weekend.

Northeastern Minnesota was already under a weather advisory Friday evening, with a light glaze of ice beginning to cover roads before the anticipated change to snow that could leave a couple of inches on the ground in the Arrowhead region.



In the Twin Cities, precipitation is also forecast for this unseasonably warm last weekend of January. Forecasters say it's most likely to be rain on Saturday before nature provides a taste of that wintry mix on Sunday.

When February begins next week, any ground hogs peeking out of their dens may get a fresh coat of snow.

As MPR's Paul Huttner explains, a storm just now coming ashore in California is poised to bring some heavy snow to the Midwest. The storm's exact path is still uncertain, but for now the leading theory is that the brunt of it will pass through southeastern Minnesota late Tuesday and early Wednesday, hitting Rochester and La Crosse with the Twin Cities on the northern edge of the storm.

But the outlook may well change as the storm draws closer and the National Weather Service is not yet predicting how much snow may fall.


And if the groundhog does get snowed in ... well, maybe snacking on some Chex mix while playing party mixing games to a DJ mix will help spring arrive a little sooner.

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