Did Jay Z try to buy Prince's unreleased songs? TMZ says so, lawyer says no

TMZ reported that Jay Z made an offer of around $40 million to Prince's family for his vault of unreleased songs.

When Prince died, he left behind a reported trove of previously unreleased songs – and a music megastar is rumored to be interested in buying them.

TMZ claimed on Wednesday that Jay Z made an offer of around $40 million to Prince's family for the music unearthed at Paisley Park.

He is said to have met with Prince's sister Tyka and her husband several weeks ago, after flying them to New York City. TMZ says he's also trying to buy the rights to stream them.

Prince exclusively released two of his albums last year through TIDAL, the artist-backed streaming service of which Jay Z is a part-owner.

But the Jay Z rumor is being treated with skepticism in some quarters, with a Twitter account called @PRINCeFAMCLUB – which according to Prince's lawyer, Londell McMillan, has the "inside scoop" on happenings at Paisley Park – saying TMZ's reporting is wide of the mark.

McMillan himself told Billboard he has "no knowledge of any discussions" contained in the TMZ report. "There is no sale [of Prince’s music assets], and those responsible for the assets are not in discussions with anyone regarding a sale." he said.

He told Billboard the estate is considering offers to license – not purchase – Prince's catalog and unreleased material.

It was reported in the wake of Prince's death in April that the Purple One had enough unreleased music to fill albums "for the next 100 years," according to the New York Daily News.

Just last week it was revealed that NPG Records and Warner Bros. are releasing two new Prince albums in the coming months, the first of which will go on sale on Nov. 22 and will primarily be a "greatest hits" with one unreleased song called "Moonbeam Levels."

In early 2017, a special, remastered edition of Purple Rain will be released, which will come with an entire album of "previously unreleased material."

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