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Jay-Z sings about Paisley Park on his new album – and it's not pretty

Don't expect to find Jay-Z on any tours in Chanhassen.

Here's one name that won't be on the guest list for any Jay-Z album release parties: Londell McMillan.

Jay-Z's much-anticipated new release 4:44 dropped on Friday and it includes a mention of McMillan, who for years was Prince's lawyer and business partner.

Before we quote the lyrics, here's a reminder about the backstory: Jay-Z and Prince's estate are in a court fight over Prince's music catalog. Jay-Z says his streaming service, Tidal, was Prince's personal choice to be the home of his music. But Prince's people reject that idea. They sold most of the streaming rights to Tidal's competitors and reportedly turned down Jay-Z's bid for Prince's unreleased music, as well.

So here's what Jay-Z has to say in the new track "Caught Their Eyes":

“I sat down with Prince, eye to eye/ He told me his wishes before he died / Now, Londell McMillan, he must be color blind/ They only see green from them purple eyes.”

Now that he's warmed up, Jay-Z really lets it rip:

“This guy had ‘slave’ on his face/ You think he wanted the masters with his masters?/ You greedy bastards sold tickets to walk through his house/ I’m surprised you ain’t auction off the casket.”

All righty, then.

Billboard talked with Londell McMillan himself, who said of Jay-Z's tune: "I like the beat, but I wonder who he thinks helped Prince to take 'slave' off of his face." That would be Londell McMillan, says McMillan.

There was a switch in the administrators of Prince's estate in February, so McMillan is not involved in it anymore, Billboard says. But he's still part of the lawsuit against Jay-Z's company and a separate fight over the sale of the unreleased music to Universal.

By the way, there's no dispute over where to find 4:44, which is only available through Tidal.

If you care to buy tickets to walk through Prince's house, you can do that through the Paisley Park site. No mention of any casket auctions there, though.

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