Jeffery Trevino's lawyer: 'What body?'


With a trial date looming in the murder case of Kira Trevino, the defense attorney for her husband Jeffery Trevino has asked for more time to prepare as it seeks more evidence from prosectors, the Star Tribune reports.

Lawyer John Conard has also contested the efforts of prosecutors to push for a stricter sentence for Jeffery Trevino if he is convicted of killing his wife. Trevino is charged with second-degree murder in the case, and he has pleaded not guilty. A trial date is tentatively set for May 28.

In a motion filed Wednesday, the defense said it would ask the court to compel the completion of discovery – it wants more evidence, the Star Tribune reports.

Conard said in a memorandum argues that prosecutor assertions that Trevino should face the very strictest of prison terms are not factually or legally supported, the newspaper reports.

“The state proposes that an aggravated sentence is appropriate because it alleges that Jeffery Trevino concealed Kira Trevino’s body. The obvious first factual question at issue is: what body?” Conard writes in the filing.

Kira Trevino, 30, of St. Paul, has been missing since Feb. 21, and she is presumed dead. Investigators found her blood in the home she shared with her husband.

Despite law enforcement and volunteer searches, her body has not been found.

Among the recent developments in the case, prosecutors have asked the court to allow evidence in his trial of statements by Kira Trevino that she was planning to leave him, the Pioneer Press reported.

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