Jenny Craig program found to be effective against Type 2 diabetes


People with Type 2 diabetes can now sign up for a new Jenny Craig diet that's been shown to be effective in helping diabetics lose weight and better manage the disease.

The diet was so successful in a recent study that the Jenny Craig company has launched a new program based on the findings, Huffington Post reports. The study was funded by Jenny Craig and published Wednesday in the American Diabetes Associations' journal Diabetes Care.

All 227 participants in the study were either overweight or obese and had Type 2 diabetes. Here are some of the results:

– After one year, participants on the Jenny Craig program lost more than three times as much weight as the control group. And a whopping 72 percent of people who were taking insulin were able to stop taking it or reduce the dose, compared with just 8 percent of the control group.

The Sacramento Business Journal reports the findings were significant. "Weight loss is a primary strategy for successful management of type 2 diabetes," Dr. Cheryl L. Rock, the study's lead investigator, says.

Managing My Type 2 diabetes

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