Jesse Ventura 'considering' a presidential run

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Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura is considering a run for president.

Speaking to The Daily Beast earlier this week, Ventura said he may take a run at becoming the nation's leader as a Libertarian candidate – that's if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the Democratic nomination.

"I'm considering it, that's all," Ventura then told CNN in an interview Thursday. "I'll decide in the next month. I've been invited to the Libertarian convention and I'll decide if I want to go in that direction."

Ventura scooped the political "outsider" mantle well before Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, shocking everyone by winning the Minnesota gubernatorial race in 1998 as an independent.

He told The Daily Beast that Trump and Sanders are "ripping him off" with their respective outsider campaigns, taking on the traditional Democratic and Republican establishments.

While the former Navy SEAL, actor and professional wrestler has yet to make a final decision on his presidential candidacy, he did release a post on detailing what his presidential platform would look like:

  1. Rebuilding our country: focus on alternative energy sources, and fix our infrastructure.
  2. Getting out of the wars.
  3. Legalizing and ending the war on drugs.
  4. Get the money out of politics and work towards reforming campaign financing.

He says achieving just two out of those four things would help a person go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

The Star Tribune notes the Libertarian convention will be held this May in Orlando. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is running again to be named Libertarian candidate. He received just under 1 percent of the vote in 2012.

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