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Jimmy Butler's athletic trainer: 'I met drug dealers with better morals than their GM'

Jimmy Butler's trainer has some thoughts for Chicago's GM.

While Timberwolves fans may have felt like celebrating in the streets of Minneapolis after they landed the coveted Jimmy Butler in Thursday's franchise-altering trade, at least one man – Butler's personal athletic trainer Travelle Gaines – seemed to be pouting on social media.

It's not 100 percent clear what motivated the the ill-willed tweet aimed at Chicago's GM Gar Forman.

But, as Bleacher Report states, the trainer's "choice words" may go all the way back to a 2014 dispute with Bulls management, where Butler hesitated to sign a "team-friendly" four-year, $44 million contract offer.

The article cites ESPN's Ryen Russillo, who claimed the Bulls' front office threatened to take away some of Butler's playing time if he didn't sign their offer:

"What I was told is — and I don’t know who it was in the front office; I don’t have a name — but that he was told, 'Well, if you don’t take this, we’re going to play Tony Snell your minutes. We’re going to play Tony Snell over you, and then good luck trying to get this kind of money when your numbers are down." Russillo said, "If it’s true — and it’s what I was told, I believe it."

Bulls' insider Vincent Goodwill provided a response from Butler in February:

It's safe to assume Gaines' 0-82 record prediction for the Bulls' upcoming season isn't happening – but I hope he hasn't actually encountered drug dealers with "better morals" than Foreman.

Gaines also took to Twitter seeking assistance in finding a new home in Minneapolis.

Assuming Jimmy doesn't fire Gaines for his comments on Butler's former GM in Chicago, the trainer will be moving to Minnesota to continue their professional relationship and keep the Timberwolves' newest guard in tip-top shape.

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