Job listings hint at fashion giant Zara coming to Mall of America

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There could be a first for Minnesota arriving soon at the Mall of America, with the world's biggest private label retailer set to open a new store.

Zara, the Spanish clothing store chain, listed job openings for management positions on the Monster website and Craigslist – the location being the megamall in Bloomington

Both the company and the Mall of America have not commented when asked by the Star Tribune on Tuesday, but the job advert says: "ZARA is thrilled to announce the GRAND OPENING OF OUR NEW STORE LOCATION IN MALL OF AMERICA, MINNESOTA!"

The fashion chain sells its own brand of women's, men's and children's clothing much like its Swedish competitor H&M, but its products are more upmarket while at the same time aren't so expensive as to break the bank.

You can take a look at some of the clothes it sells here.

CityPages notes caution however, pointing out that a job posting "is far from official," the Zara website does not indicate plans for a new store, and the Mall of America has been quiet.

But the website says a move to the mall "makes sense" amid its ongoing expansion and following the exit of Bloomingdales.

What is Zara?

The chain has a massive international presence with stores in 88 countries, but has limited presence in the U.S. It's got only around 50 locations in a handful of cities including New York, L.A., San Francisco and Chicago (which is the closest to Minnesota).

While it's name might be unfamiliar to some, it is the flagship brand of Spanish clothing giant Inditex, which according to FastRetailing is the largest private label fashion retail company in the world with more than $20 billion of annual sales.

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