Judge denies most of MOA's requests; Black Lives Matter will protest today

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A restraining order banning three Black Lives Matter members planning to a protest at the Mall of America on Wednesday has been granted, but an attempt to ban the organization as a whole was denied.

The megamall had filed for a restraining order preventing several BLM Minneapolis members, and the organization itself, from protesting on its property Dec. 23 – likely one of the busiest days of the year.

According to the ruling uploaded by MPR, District Court Judge Karen Janisch approved a restraining order prohibiting Michael McDowell, Miski Noor and Kandace Montgomery from being involved in the protest.

But the judge denied the mall's request the same order be made against Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, which would have prevented the group from "engaging in a demonstration" on its premises and "soliciting others" to engage in the demonstration.

The judge also rejected its request to make BLM members delete postings on Facebook and Twitter encouraging other people to take part in the protest.

Following the judge's ruling, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis

" target="_blank">sent a text message to its supporters telling them the protest will still go on as planned Wednesday, starting at 1:30 p.m.

Protesters could still face legal action

Ultimately though, the denial doesn't mean those involved in the protest face no action.

The mall wrote to BLM leaders informing them they face removal from the property and arrest for trespass if they take part in a demonstration, according to the BLM Facebook page.

MPR has discussed the issue of the First Amendment as it relates to public and private property.

There were dozens of arrests made in the wake of last year's protest at the mall, which saw around 2,000 people shut down a section in the week leading up to Christmas.

BLM activists continue to call for the release of video of the Nov. 15 fatal police shooting of Jamar Clark; that a special prosecutor instead of a grand jury determines potential charges against the police officers involved; and that the men charged in connection with the shooting of five protesters face federal domestic terrorist charges, among other demands.

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