Judge refuses to release Montevideo man before explosives trial

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A federal judge has ordered a Montevideo man be held until his trial for "the safety of the community."

The Star Tribune reports that U.S. District Magistrate Judge Jeanne Graham ordered 24-year-old Buford "Bucky" Rogers should be held in custody because of a history of failing to appear as required in previous court cases.

Rogers was arrested in May on weapons charges following a raid, in which the FBI said he was planning a terrorist attack on Montevideo.

Rogers has never been charged on terrorism counts, but has been indicted on a charge of being in possession of a firearm, and other destructive devices, which included a pipe bomb, two Molotov cocktails, and two black powder nail devices.

He has pleaded not guilty on the charges.

A witness told federal authorities that Rogers was planning to use his "Black Snake Militia" to take out a radio tower in Montevideo, raid the National Guard Armory then attack the Montevideo police station.

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