Judge rejects Pierre Collins' request to see Barway's body; mom may have chance


A judge has rejected a Crystal man's request to be let out of jail long enough to see the body of the son he's charged with murdering. Meanwhile, a postponement of the burial of Barway Collins may allow his mother to arrive from Liberia in time to pay her respects.

The Hennepin County Attorney's office announced Thursday that Judge Tanya Bransford denied Pierre Collins' request to visit a funeral home to say goodbye to Barway, the 10-year-old whose body was pulled from the Mississippi River nearly two weeks ago.

Under Pierre Collins' request, sheriff's deputies would have accompanied him to the funeral home. But the judge called it a public safety risk, county officials say.

Bail for Pierre Collins is $2 million. The Pioneer Press reports his next court appearance is May 14.

Prosecutors say Collins was struggling to pay debts and had recently taken out a second life insurance policy on his son. Pierre Collins has denied any involvement in Barway's death.

Later burial may accommodate mother

Also on Thursday, a spokesman for the Collins family said Barway will not be buried until Monday – giving the boy's mother a chance to get to Minnesota from her native Liberia in time to see the body, FOX 9 reports.

Pastor Harding Smith said earlier this week it's unlikely that Louise Karluah will get to Minnesota in time for Saturday's memorial service in Minneapolis.

FOX says Karluah has a hearing on her visa arrangements Friday and is expected to arrive in Minnesota late Saturday or early Sunday.

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