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Judge rules in favor of man who sawed his neighbor's garage in half


An Iron Range man who sawed his neighbor's garage in half won't have to pay for damages because a judge ruled part of the structure was on the man's property.

Mark Besemann of Iron bought a home in Nashwauk Township in April 2013, and a few days later he found his garage had been sawed in half by his neighbor, Roger Weber, who claimed part of the garage was on his property.

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Besemann filed a civil lawsuit against Weber, asking for $20,000 in damages to the garage and $20,000 in punitive damages.

The case went to trial over the winter, and this past week, Judge Lois Lang ruled Weber did have the right to remove the portion of the garage that was on his property, even though he didn't own the structure, the Grand Forks Herald reports.

Lang also ruled that Besemann must reimburse Weber $400 in attorney's fees and replace his home's septic system, which was also on Weber's side of the property line.

Besemann said he may appeal the judge's decision, the newspaper notes.

Ongoing family squabble

Weber's actions were the result of an ongoing family squabble over property lines between Weber and his sister, who had inherited an acre of land, including a home and the now-destroyed garage, from their father when he died in 2012.

Weber had warned his sister that he would remove all the buildings that encroached on his neighboring 39 acres of property, which his father had transferred the title of to Weber in 1978.

His sister ended up selling the property to Besemann in April 2013 and a few days later, Weber used a power saw to cut the garage along what was believed to be the property line.

Weber had said he thought the home still belonged to his sister when he destroyed the garage.

Weber was the Republican-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota House District 6A seat in 2014, but lost to incumbent Carly Melin. He also ran against her in 2012 and lost.

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