Judge says Ventura's defamation lawsuit against ex-Navy SEAL can proceed

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Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura will apparently have his day in court over claims of defamation against an ex-Navy SEAL.

The Associated Press reports that a U.S. district judge Thursday gave Ventura the go-ahead in pursuing his lawsuit against author Chris Kyle.

Kyle implied in his memoir "American Sniper" that it was Ventura who he decked in a 2006 bar fight in California after he made unpatriotic remarks about Kyle's fallen comrades. Ventura claims the punch never happened and he was defamed because of it.

Five fellow Navy SEALs and the mothers of two of their SEAL comrades back Kyle's story.

The judge in Thursday's hearing dismissed Kyle's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

The suit is set to go to trial Aug. 1.


Jesse Ventura files lawsuit against Navy SEAL for libel

The former Minnesota governor is suing Chris Kyle for defamation and falsifying a story to sell books. Kyle recently published a memoir and in the book he claims he punched someone named "ScruffFace" during a bar fight. While publicizing his memoir, he claimed "ScruffFace" is Ventura.

Ex-SEAL friends rally to his defense in lawsuit over Ventura bar fight

Five fellow Navy SEALs, and the mothers of two of their fallen comrades, are backing the story of former SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, who says former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was bad-mouthing SEALs six years ago in a Coronado, Calif. bar. Kyle claims he punched Ventura. Ventura sued, denying he prompted a fight with boorish behavior. Kyle's lawyer filed a motion Tuesday to dismiss two of the three counts as legally deficient. One witness said, "He was saying the wrong things in the wrong place at the wrong time. In my opinion, he was being as anti-American as you can possibly get."

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