Judge seals journal of teenage Waseca bomb plot suspect


A judge decided to seal the journal of the 17-year-old Waseca teen who police say planned a terror plot.

Judge Gerald Wolf ordered John David LaDue's 180-page journal be sealed during a probable cause hearing Wednesday, Waseca County News reports, after the defense requested the move on grounds it contained irrelevant material.

Authorities say LaDue laid out his attack plans in the journal, which included killing his family and setting off bombs at Waseca Junior and Senior High School, with the goal being to kill or maim as many students as he could.

LaDue's attorney, Dawn Johnson, had said prosecutors would likely submit the journal as evidence (which prosecutors did on Wednesday), and if the journal was submitted and not sealed, it would be made available to the public.

Judge Wolf also sealed parts of the criminal complaints in which the journal is quoted. He said the decision to seal the documents may or may not be temporary, KARE 11 notes.

Prosecutor Brenda Miller submitted three exhibits into evidence, including police reports and LaDue's journal, Waseca County News says. Miller said the state isn't taking a position on sealing the documents, but says the state should be able to cite the documents by page number, which the judge allowed.

The defense has until July 7 to submit its probable cause brief, while the prosecution has until July 19.

A certification hearing, where the judge will decide if LaDue will be tried as an adult, is scheduled for July 30. LaDue has been charged in juvenile court with several counts of attempted murder and possessing explosives. He was arrested in April after authorities say they found guns, bombs and materials for making explosives, along with the journal.

The Waseca County News notes that LaDue's parents, sister and a small group of friends were at the hearing, which lasted just 10 minutes.

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