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Judge sides with city of Duluth in battle with head shop


In the latest twist in the story of an embattled Duluth head shop, a judge has denied a request from the shop's owner for a temporary injunction from a new city rule that regulates – effectively bans – his sales of synthetic drugs, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

The new city ordinance took effect Thursday, so Jim Carlson has stopped selling the substances for now.

MPR reports that Carlson had argued that the ordinance forces him to incriminate himself by applying for a license because, in effect, in the application he would have to admit he sold illegal products. Carlson's argument is that the incrimination goes against the fifth amendment of the constitution, MPR reports.

Carlson faces federal charges, accused of selling misbranded synthetic drugs and chemicals substantially similar to controlled substances, the News Tribune notes. He has long argued that the substances he sells are legal.

It was not immediately clear what Carlson would do next – he and his lawyer were not available for comment after the decision, the News Tribune reported.

Meanwhile, a Duluth woman was charged with assault Monday after Carlson was beaten last week, the News Tribune reports.

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