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Judging the best State Fair livestock based solely on their name


The Minnesota State Fair judges decide what makes the best livestock based on a multitude of factors. But what about in superficial terms like best smile or best name?

We went to the cattle, horse, swine and poultry barns to find out what makes a catchy name.

While there were a surprising lack of puns utilized in the naming process this year, there were still some standouts.

Grampa and Tomahawk

These two – sharing a pen in the Horse Barn on Judson Avenue – were the first to catch our eye, due to both the alluring nature of miniature animals as well as how their tough names matched their stature.

Grampa, 8 years old, and Tomahawk, 6, exemplify unique but fitting names and are cute to boot.

We couldn't find any miniature horses named Li'l Sebastian (of "Parks and Recreation" fame), but we prefer originality when it comes to our little four-hoved friends.


We all know a guy named Butch, whether he be a rough-and-tumble uncle, biker bar bartender or middle school vice principal.

But is he 1,200 pounds of muscle, scruff and the biggest boar in Minnesota? Probably not.

"Butch," defined as illustrious, perfectly illustrates this 5-year-old behemoth (as well as ironically, being short for a butcher).

He puts all other Butchs and boars to shame.

Drops of Jupiter / Prince

With a show name of Drops of Jupiter and barn name of Prince, we appreciated the musical undertones with this horse.

With both a nod to Grammy-winning 2001 hit/perpetual earworm by Train and Prince, the late-Twin Cities artist who put the Minneapolis music scene on the map, we know this owner is a proud music fan.

Just Jake

Simple, understated and easy to remember. We love it.

Undisputed hero

This sow was too busy caring for her young to give us her name, but do you blame her? She's nursing only half of her litter. Half!

Sure, we were also hoping for a clever pun on motherhood, but wowie, does this make you want to thank your mom for all her hard work, or what?

Give her a call right now, or better yet, bring her to the Minnesota State Fair, which runs through Labor Day.

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