July 'Snowsquatch': Mid-summer Minnesota snow remains myth

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MPR's Paul Huttner has some fun separating the fact and fiction associated with a long-lingering Minnesota weather mystery ... the mythical July snow, which he dubs "Snowsquatch."

For the record, Minnesota weather record keepers say it has never snowed in July in the state, even in the far northern reaches of Minnesota. But reports that it has finally happened seem to swirl every year.

Huttner reports that the latest July snow sighting was reported – but importantly, not documented – by Grand Marais-based photographer Bryan Hansel:

But there's no hard evidence, Huttner notes. And weather experts at the Minnesota Climatology Working Group are doubtful it happened.

Unsubstantiated claims of a Minnesota snow in July in some cases have taken on a Bigfoot-like legend, Huttner writes. The Climatology Working Group wrote about them – eight years ago.

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