Jurors in Minnesota are getting a 100 percent raise starting next week


When you're summoned for jury duty, you'll be getting paid double than what you did before.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch is raising the per diem pay for jurors by 100 percent – from $10 to $20 a day.

It'll go into effect for jurors who start their service on or after July 5.

"While we know that the small amount jurors receive for their service doesn’t reflect the importance of their work, we hope that this higher compensation will make it a little easier for citizens to participate in their justice system," Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea said in a news release.

When a person is called to serve on a jury, an employer is not required to pay them during that time, which can be a financial hardship for some people who are trying to do their civic duty.

They'll also be reimbursed for the roundtrip mileage between their home and the courthouse at a rate of 54 cents per mile (before it was a rate of 27 cents per mile). And those who normally care for their kids during the day can be reimbursed for childcare expenses while they serve as a juror, up to $40 per day per family.

The raise comes after the state Legislature approved $1.5 million in new funding annually for the state judicial branch as part of the omnibus supplemental budget bill, which was signed into law June 1.

How does Minnesota's pay compare?

Juror pay in Minnesota was as high as $30 a day back in 2002, but by 2008 it was dropped to $10 a day due to years of budget deficits, according to the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune.

According to the National Center for State Courts, per diem juror compensation varies by state, ranging from $6 a day in Missouri to up to $50 a day in South Dakota if you're a sworn-in juror. (See a state-by-state breakdown here.)

Federal jurors get paid $40 a day, no matter what state the trial is in, the U.S. Courts website says, plus 56.5 cents per mile.

Last year, more than 44,000 Minnesota citizens reported for jury duty in the district court system. For more information on being a juror in Minnesota, click here.

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