Just a normal Saturday at liquor store, until a minivan crashes through the wall

The River Liquor Store remarkably stayed open after the crash, telling its customers "We are open for business. Free Smells!"
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A Minneapolis liquor store is picking up the pieces after a minivan driver crashed through its walls on Saturday, causing $150,000 worth of damage.

Although booze is its stock and trade, the River Liquor Store on NE Lowry Ave and Marshall looks like it had been paid a visit by the Kool-Aid man following the incident at around 1:10 p.m.

Remarkably the liquor store remained open on Saturday, with the store posting on its Facebook page: "We are open for business. Free Smells!" It added that the smells were from the Scotch, bourbon and whiskey section that was the main part of the store smashed by the car.

The store was able to continue thanks in no small part to the help of neighbors, who have rallied to help owner Robert Marget and his family patch up the wall and clean up the debris left strewn across the store and street.

Marget, who told KARE 11 that he hopes to have the store remodeled by Thanksgiving, added: "Makes you feel that you’re just not a spot for people to shop, that you’re actually part of their lives. You’re a part of their community."

He also told the Star Tribune both he and a clerk was standing on the other side of the building at the time of the crash, with only the driver sustaining minor injuries.

Alcohol wasn't thought to be a factor in the crash, the driver told Marget someone had "cut him off." He then proceeded to flee the scene after saying he didn't have a license or insurance, and was caught by police four blocks away, the newspaper notes.

Steve Marget posted this video of the damage inside the store on Facebook Saturday, saying: "If you didn't hear, everyone is alright. We usually have a guy stocking shelves around that time of day, but he was out running an errand at the time!"

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