Just about everyone who lives in Edina likes it there, but...


Cost of living may not be anything to write home about in Edina, but the results of a new survey show an overwhelming majority of the residents are happy to call the Twin Cities suburb "home" in the first place.

A "Quality of Life" survey – which the city takes every two years – found that just about all of Edina's citizens rated life in the community either "good" or "excellent," according to the results.

As the Star Tribune points out, not a one of them ticked off the "poor" box when asked to rate their quality of life.

The city's report also says nine out of 10 citizens would recommend living in Edina to anyone who asks.

Outsiders think highly of Edina as well. The well-established Minneapolis suburb, with a population of about 50,000, was ranked the 15th best place to live in the U.S. in a recent Money magazine survey.

(FYI Chanhassen was ranked 7th in that same survey, and Rosemount was 12th.)

Even the "overall ease of travel" around Edina rated well, with eight of 10 respondents indicating that getting around in their cars is usually a pleasant experience.

However, this is where we start to see a few "buts" in this Minnesota paradise – despite generally good travel conditions in Edina, many survey-takers said public transportation, walking and bicycle paths could be better.

Around 60 percent indicated a shortage of sidewalks and "well-marked greenways" for cycling and strolling, saying they would engage in such activities if more paths were available.

To help address those concerns, the city approved a plan several months ago to build more sidewalks in Edina even though some residents were vocally opposed to the idea.

And cost of living?

That's the biggest bone of contention Edinians (to coin a term) seem to have.

According to the survey results, cost of living and affordable quality housing were the lowest-rated items, with a majority rating them poorly.

The median home price in Edina is about $396,000, according to Money magazine – well above the median for the city of Minneapolis, for example, which is about $202,000.

And while just about everyone seems willing to tell their friends to live in Edina, the survey found only 15 percent of them would use affordable housing as a selling point.

While Mayor James Hovland told the Star Tribune he's pleased with the overall results of the study, he added that making affordable homes available "to a variety of people...from professionals to teachers to firefighters and dental hygienists" is also important.

To conduct the survey, the city mailed out 1,500 questionnaires in May and June and got 512 back, weighing the results so that "respondent gender, age, race, ethnicity, housing unit type" and homeowner vs. renter were representative of the makeup of the community.

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