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Just gotta hang on: Frigid temps stick around for a while


You know the feeling you get when you step outside in subzero temperatures -- the piercing cold wind against your face, your partially frozen pants begin to stiffen and your shoulders tense up from trying to shield yourself from the pain you know as Minnesota winter?

Well, you're going to keep feeling that, at least for another couple days.

Forecasters aren't expecting relief from icy temperatures until a slight warm up Thursday when highs may reach 20 degrees.

Brisk wind combined with cold temperatures prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Wind Chill Advisory Monday for most of Minnesota. The agency expects the wind chill to range from 25 to 35 degrees below zero in the southern half of the state until midday. Northeast Minnesota could see a wind chill as low as -40 Monday afternoon.

A little snow is expected late Monday into early Tuesday, but only a "dusting" to a half inch of accumulation is expected in some spots, KARE 11 reports.

Negative lows and highs not too far above zero will plague the next two days. Wednesday's low could dip to as cold as -10 degrees, KSTP says.

FOX 9 says the warming trend Thursday should get us back to closer-to-average temperatures this weekend.

We can always rely on the Star Tribune's Paul Douglas to give us some context.

"Early December has been the Arctic equivalent of flushing the commode," Douglas says. "At some point you run out of cold air."

Douglas predicts 30-degree temperatures for the second half of December.

Roads remain slick

"What do you get when you combine an inch of arctic fluff and temps near zero?" asks Minnesota Public Radio. "Roads so icy the Minnesota Department of Transportation calls them ‘bulletproof.’"

MnDOT says once temperatures fall below 10 degrees, road salt is for the most part ineffective, the Star Tribune says.

Slick roads caused dozens of crashes and spinouts during Monday morning's commute. The Minnesota State Patrol responded to more than 400 crashes across the state since midnight, none with serious injuries or fatalities, FOX 9 reports.

Road conditions proved to be more treacherous in Wisconsin, where at least two deaths were reported. The Pioneer Press compiled images and video of the pileups.

Bill Sauter of Midwest Driving School offers this tip to drivers.

"Slow down a little bit," Sauter told KARE 11. "Accelerate gradually, everything should be more gradual when it's like this."

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