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Just how much Prince are people streaming on Spotify?

More than 2 millions hours' worth of Prince songs have been streamed on Spotify.

It's not surprising that people listened to a lot of Prince once his music hit the big streaming services a couple weeks ago.

But on Thursday, Spotify gave a peek behind the purple streaming curtain showing who is listening to Prince, and what they're listening to.

Spotify users have streamed more than 2 million hours' worth of Prince tracks since Feb. 12 (when his music became available). And he's been added to nearly 7 million playlists.

The most-streamed songs are pretty much exactly what you'd expect:

Which cities are streaming Prince the most? This won't shock anyone: Minneapolis and St. Paul are No. 1 and No. 2.

New Orleans, New York, and Decatur, Georgia, round out the top five. London, at No. 8, is the highest-ranked non-U.S. city. The full list shows the top 20.

Spotify also provided this heat map showing where people started listening to Prince when his music hit the streaming service:

Minnesota didn't quite pop up first – it looks like Texas might have lit up first. But the Twin Cities turned purple right after, followed by northwestern Minnesota.

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