Just how warm is it going to get this week?


Before we dive into the details, here are a few snippets from forecasts around the state this week that give you an idea of where things are headed:

  • "The low temperatures in the forecast are actually close to or even higher than the normal HIGH temperature."
  • "High temperatures will be about 20 degrees above normal ..."
  • "Highs 10-20 degrees above normal persist ..."

Yes, it's going to be weirdly warm in Minnesota considering it's December.

According to Intellicast, Minneapolis has an average high temperature of 26 in the month, and an average low of 11. This chart below shows the average low and high for Dec. 7-11 in the Twin Cities, as well as the record low and high for that specific day.

We may not break any daily records, though we'll get close.

If you want to know what's causing these above-average temps, take a look at this story. Otherwise, here's a look at what the National Weather Service says to expect this week.

Twin Cities

Sunday: Patches of fog are possible in the early morning, with a dense fog advisory warning in effect until noon for an area stretching from about Fergus Falls, down through Mankato. That's before another "unseasonably mild" day. High of 41 expected, dropping to 28 tonight.

Monday through Wednesday: More "well above normal temperatures" the National Weather Service says. Partly sunny with highs near or at 45 degrees. It also might not ever dip below freezing. Slight chance of rain/snow Tuesday night.


Sunday: From cloudy with overnight lows in the 20s, to highs that peak above 40. The sky will slowly clear throughout the day, leading into a nighttime low of 27.

Monday through Wednesday: Temps will range from a high end of about 42, to a low end of about 30. Partly sunny during the days, but with a small chance of precipitation Tuesday and Wednesday night.


Sunday: A dense fog advisory for some of the region until 9 a.m. Sunday, giving way to sunny with a high of 39. A low of 27 tonight.

Monday through Wednesday: "Very warm air" moves in, with high temperatures in the upper 30s or lows 40s. That's "about 20 degrees above normal." At night, temps will drop to the upper 20s. There's a slight chance of rain or snow Tuesday and Wednesday night.


Sunday: Sunny and reaching about 40 degrees after a bit of lingering fog in the a.m. Clear through the day, but with some patches of fog rolling in after midnight. Low of 29.

Monday through Wednesday: Get ready for the upper 40s – with high of 46, 48 and 47 degrees predicted for these three days. Lows overnights will go to the lower or mid 30s. No rain or snow expected.


Sunday: A few clouds during the day today, and possibly some fog at night. A high in the upper 30s, with a low of about 29, the forecast says.

Monday through Wednesday: Temps "10 to 20 degrees above normal for December" expected, with the projected lows actually "close to or even higher than" the average high temperatures during this time. That means the area should reach mid 40s during the day, and stay at or above freezing at night.

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