Just in time for Halloween, General Mills retro monster cereals return

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General Mills is launching a monster cereal promotion. Literally.

The Business Journal reports that the Golden Valley-based food giant is rolling out two more of its monster-themed cereals in the run up to Halloween. Frute Brute--formerly known as the properly-spelled Fruit Brute--will be back for breakfast for the first time since it was discontinued in 1982. Fruity Yummy Mummy disappeared in 1992 after five years on store shelves.

Taste of General Mills, the company's corporate blog, reports that the pair will join three other signature Monster Cereals – Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula – for the first time.

The cereals are part of the company's annual seasonal, limited time run linked to Halloween.It’s the first time all five Monsters will be available at the same time. Full nationwide distribution begins soon.

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