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Justine Damond case update will come Christmas week

The county attorney will discuss the status of his charging decision Christmas week.

The Essentials:

– The Hennepin County Attorney's Office will give an update on the Justine Damond case – and the status of possible charges against the officer who shot her – during Christmas week.

– County Attorney Mike Freeman offered up the timeline Monday, while also publicly apologizing for recent comments he made about the investigation, in which he threw investigators under the bus for a lack of evidence. (Read that story here.)

– Activists recorded a conversation with Freeman at a holiday event last week, and asked him why no charges have been announced. Freeman replied, in part: "I've gotta have the evidence. And I don't have it yet. And let me just say, it's not my fault. ... It's on the [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension]. They don't work for me. They haven't done their job."

What else you should know

Much of Freeman's public statement Monday was an apology. He apologized to the BCA directly, saying that while he believes it's his responsibility to communicate with constituents, offering up his thoughts on the BCA's work and his office's internal discussions with the Damond case was a mistake.

The county attorney also noted he didn't know last week's conversation with activists was being recorded, but said: "Nonetheless, my comments, under any circumstances, were ill-advised and I am sorry."


The Justine Damond shooting: Where things stand with the investigation and evidence

Freeman then addressed the Damond case directly, saying he knows people are frustrated no charges have been filed, now five months after her shooting death. He said he and others have been working "nonstop" to collect and follow all evidence, but described police cases as "complex."

"They demand the most thorough and complete investigations possible," he said. 

"While some clamor for swift justice, only careful, detailed work and careful analysis brings us real justice."

And until next week, his office won't be saying more.

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