Kangaroo: It's what's for dinner at Hell's Kitchen in Mpls.


Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis began serving kangaroo steaks last week and it quickly sold out on the first night, the Pioneer Press reports.

"We're very aware of this potentially controversial addition to our menu," Hell's Kitchen co-owner Cynthia Gerdes wrote in a statement to the newspaper. "In fact, when our executive chef, Joe Wuestenhagen, first suggested it, I thought he was joking. But upon further research, I was stunned to learn that for years, Greenpeace has strongly urged more kangaroo consumption to help lower global warming."

Kangaroo meat is described as beefy, slightly sweet and smoky, and extremely lean. It's also considered environmentally friendly because kangaroos don't emit greenhouse gases and don't damage the soil because they don't have hooves.

However, the Star Tribune notes kangaroos are not friendly to Australian farmers. "These are animals that are ruining Australia's lands. Farmers are shooting them," Gerdes told the newspaper."I never researched a food so much in my life. We don't put an item on the menu to gain some ink."

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