Prosecutor: Kira Trevino's body, evidence indicates violent murder


Court documents filed by prosecutors Friday say Kira Steger Trevino's body that was recovered from the Mississippi River was found naked and severely beaten.

The Pioneer Press reports injuries to her body include a head wound, a broken finger, bruising inside her lip and lacerations to her liver. A wad of duct tape was also found in her hair, which may be linked to a roll of duct tape found in Keller Regional Park.

The exact cause of death has not been determined.

Steger Trevino, 30, of St. Paul was last seen on Feb. 21 as she was leaving her place of work at the Mall of America.

Volunteers and law enforcement spent several days scouring area lakes and parks in search of Steger Trevino, who was already presumed dead. A passerby spotted her body underneath a barge south of the Robert Street Bridge near downtown St. Paul on Wednesday afternoon.

Trevino's husband, Jeffery Trevino, 39, was charged with second-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty. His trial is scheduled for May 28.

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office filed charges based on large amounts of blood found in Steger Trevino's car and the Trevino's home in St. Paul.

"Taken together, the evidence indicates that Jeff Trevino violently murdered Kira Steger in their bedroom and concealed her body, which only two days ago was discovered and only yesterday was identified," Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Richard Dusterhoft said in the motion obtained by the newspaper.

KSTP talked to Steger Trevino's parents Thursday, who say they feel a sense of relief now that their daughter has been found.

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