Klobuchar on Supreme Court prospect: 'I have a job and don't want to shirk it'

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Amy Klobuchar says she loves her job representing Minnesota in the U.S. Senate and is not seeking a seat on the Supreme Court. But that's not to say she would turn down a nomination to the high court, should President Obamba select her.

In an interview with Forum News Service, Klobuchar made it sound like she might rather be asking questions at confirmation hearings for the next Supreme Court justice, rather than answering them.

The Democratic Senator, whose name has been bandied about in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death over the weekend, told Forum News' Don Davis: "There are a many wonderful, qualified people who could serve on the Supreme Court, but only a few of us are charged with the job of getting the nominee through the Senate."

Klobuchar serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose members will question a Supreme Court nominee before the full Senate votes on whether to confirm. (Fellow Minnesota Democrat Al Franken is also on the committee.)


While Klobuchar has never been a judge, she's said to be well-liked by her Senate colleagues. U of M political science professor Timothy Johnson tells MPR News that with her tough-on-crime record as Hennepin County Attorney, he thinks Klobuchar is a Democrat who could actually be confirmed by a Republican-controlled Senate.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC argued on her show Monday that Klobuchar would be a good choice and then announced that the senator would be Tuesday night's guest.


Klobuchar and Franken are among those who argue the Senate should vote on whomever President Obama nominates to fill the vacancy on the high court. Some leading Republicans say senators should instead wait until a new president is sworn in before voting on a successor to Justice Scalia.

Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said Tuesday he'll make no decision on whether to hold confirmation hearings until after a nomination is made.


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