Klobuchar takes name off list of Attorney General candidates


It was easy come, easy go Thursday for the notion of Sen. Amy Klobuchar heading the Justice Department.

Before U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had even made the announcement of his resignation Thursday, political pundits began speculating about possible successors.

And the names bandied about included a Democratic Senator from Minnesota with a background as a prosecutor.

But later in the day Klobuchar squelched the rumors by telling the Associated Press she likes her job in the Senate and wants to stay there.

Bloomberg News was one of the first outlets to mention Klobuchar as a possible replacement for Holder, including her among eight other potential candidates for the post.

Forum News Service asked Minnesota's Republican Party chair, Keith Downey, about the prospect of Klobuchar serving as Attorney General. Downey said anyone other than Holder would be an improvement, calling the outgoing Attorney General the most partisan to ever hold the post.

The Star Tribune says while she disavowed any interest in his job Klobuchar praised Holder's work, calling him a steady leader during a time of challenge and change.

Even though Klobuchar took the Attorney General's office off the table, speculation about her political future isn't going away.

The announcement that she'll be the keynote speaker at the Iowa Democratic Party's annual dinner next month provided fuel for the rumors that she's eyeing a White House bid.

Klobuchar has long said she would support Hillary Clinton if Clinton runs for president. The New York Times looked this spring at the possibility of Klobuchar becoming Clinton's running mate on an all-female ticket.

And just last week Minnesota Lawyer forwarded a law journal's speculation that Klobuchar –or Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Wilhelmina Wright – might be chosen by President Obama to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court if one occurs during the remainder of his term.

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