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Klobuchar's planned trip to Iowa fuels speculation for 2016


Hey, can't a Minnesota gal take a little trip to our friendly neighbors to the south without everyone thinking she's up to something? Like, maybe even considering a bid to the President of the United States?

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar might be thinking that, as the Democrat from Minnesota is playing down a visit to Iowa democrats later this month.

Minnesota Public Radio goes all in on the speculation, getting standard quotes from the Senator, but more interesting ones from political observers as everyone notes she's slated to speak to the North Iowa Democrats Wing Ding fundraiser on Aug. 16.

"No, I love being the senator from Minnesota," she tells MPR, predictably. "It simply means I was invited to a wingding, and I think anything in Iowa makes a wingding out of a wingding, and that is all it is."

Ah, but Larry Jacobs, political prof at the University of Minnesota, smells more than a wingding: "It's serious political business," he tells the station. "Amy Klobuchar is very shrewd in being the first Democrat to show up in Iowa with a presidential aura around her."

The Star Tribune reported on the fundraiser last month, and noted some other battleground states she's traveled to recently, including a trip to the bellwether state, Ohio.

"It’s worth noting that Clear Lake is just two hours south of Minneapolis so it’s not like Klobuchar is traveling great distances," the Washington Post wrote back then. "But any visit to Iowa must be appropriately looked upon as a potential toe in the water when it comes to the next presidential race".

And now the Huffington Post, while writing about New York Congressman Peter King testing the presidential waters in New Hampshire, lists Klobuchar in a slideshow about potential women presidential contenders.

At least she's in high-profile company, with Hillary and Condoleezza making the cut as well.

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