Kupchella finds nirvana up north -- how about you?

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BringMeTheNews founder Rick Kupchella is the hardest working guy we know. This weekend, he’s actually kicking back and soaking up summer’s swan song in beautiful northern Minnesota. Read on, as he shares some of his favorite things about summer in Minnesota - and asks you to do the same. 

Hey guys,

I hope you’re enjoying your "end of summer" weekend as much as the Kupchella family. We were lucky enough to get away to the North Shore of Lake Superior again this year.

I’m sharing a few photos with you here, with the sincere hope that you’ll share some back!

What are you doing this weekend? Where are you?

This state is blessed with more than its share of real beauty. My personal favorite is the North Shore.

To spend time kayaking on the big lake here, and hiking the Superior National Forest -- personally, I’ve said it several times this weekend -- it really just doesn’t get much better.

If you, too, are lucky enough to combine this holiday weekend with a particularly "favorite" Minnesota destination, feel free to meander on back to our Facebook page and share a few words about that as well!

Thanks! And I’m going to look forward to reading – and learning more – about your own favorite places.

Rick Kupchella

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