Kupchella interview: KSTP's globetrotter Jason Davis


At 74 years old, local television reporter Jason Davis has become an anomaly in the broadcasting industry, traveling across the world to bring stories back to Minnesota under no one's direction but his own.

"It's been an amazing life," Davis told BringMeTheNews Founder and CEO Rick Kupchella at a Smile Network event Thursday, "I'm in awe of how lucky I've been."

Davis, a longtime fixture at KSTP in St. Paul, has spent the last three decades producing feature stories for "On the Road," a segment that has grown to become its own 30-minute weekly broadcast.

The London native has been globetrotting since he was a teenager working as a British merchant seaman. He later settled in Australia, where he got his first television job as a reporter.

In 1976, Davis joined KSTP, where one of his early assignments took him back to England to meet a White Bear Lake school teacher who had crossed the Atlantic in 10-foot-long handmade boat.

Davis just recently returned from Mexico, where he and local musician Nicholas David followed the Smile Network, the Minnesota nonprofit that arranges for reconstructive surgeries for impoverished children and young adults with cleft palates.

Out of thousands of stories Davis has covered in his nearly 50-year broadcasting career, a story out of Wabasha, Minnesota, is one he loves most.

"On the Road with Jason Davis" airs Sundays at 11 p.m. His Smile Network feature is slated to air Feb. 6.

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