Kupchella in NYC for exclusive 'F.ounders' event for entrepreneurs


BringMeTheNews founder Rick Kupchella is among the 100 hand-picked invitees from around the world at the one-day START Conference in Chelsea in New York City Friday.

The private, invite-only annual event is considered the most exclusive event of its kind, designed to put the world's top tech leaders in touch with the planet's most promising early-stage startup entrepreneurs for intense networking.

Kupchella has already met with some of the tech industry's other most promising new business executives, including Ron Levy, CEO of Flayvr, a photo and video organizing and sharing app, and Al Azoulay, founder of Rumble, which offers solutions for digital publishers.

Among the pearls of wisdom at the conference was this from venture capitalist Jeff Clavier with SoftTech VC: The Three Ass Rule: New companies need smart-ass teams, with kick-ass products, in big-ass markets.

In an early session Friday morning, Kupchella attended a forum with leaders from Microsoft, Samsung, TechStars and Betaworks, for fascinating back-and-forth about the differences among different types of new companies: incubators, accelerators and studios.

Nick Chirls with Betaworks said his company had invested in 21 new companies last year, allowing those companies to focus solely on building a new product.

The START event today comes on the heels of the four-year-old F.ounders event started by a mop-headed Irish 20-something named Paddy Cosgrove. That event has drawn the world's top technology company kings to New York and Dublin, including the founders of Twitter, Netflix, Skype, Foursquare, Tumblr, Rovio, and HuffingtonPost.

The Wall Street Journal has said the F.ounders event, which has featured Bono, "lived up to, and even exceeded, the hype," and it was once dubbed the Rolls Royce of technology events." Bloomberg News called it the "Davos for Tech Geeks."

Kupchella, winner of more than a dozen Emmys, worked as an investigative reporter and television news anchor in Minneapolis and St. Paul for more than 20 years. He founded BringMeTheNews in 2009. He is also the founder of content creation company i.e. network and a partner at the digital innovation company GoKart Labs.

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