Kyle Rudolph is fighting with fans attacking him on Twitter

Kyle Rudolph is fighting with fans on Twitter and it's hilarious.

Kyle Rudolph is off to a great start on social media today.

It started when some fans noticed a tweet from Rudolph from Sunday, where the Vikings tight end was surprised to see that he wasn't a first-round pick in's 2011 draft do-over story.

Rudolph, a second-round pick in 2011, then got attacked by a guy who said he wouldn't have drafted him at all. This is where the fun begins.

Then someone went at Rudolph with a "#YourTrash" tweet and referenced Rudolph's tweet from last October about fans jumping off the Vikings' bandwagon.

Rudolph fired back by telling the guy to "get lost" because he's a San Jose Sharks fan living in Minnesota. The guy has tweeted a few times about the Sharks.

Another bro entered battle when he tried to tell Rudolph his use of "you're" should have been "your." That, obviously, is wrong and deserves a big fat LOL.

Why is Rudolph bothering with unprovoked Twitter rage?

"It's fun, offseason and not much to do after working out," he said.

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