Lack of snow is threatening outdoors events; DNR issues wildfire warning

Sled dog races, snowmobiling, cross-country ski trails, everything's up in the air now. As a coordinator with the state's snowmobile association says, "It's winter in Minnesota. There's not a lot to do without snow, except do a snow dance."
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The Pioneer Press says the lack of snow is now threatening some outdoors events.

The Voyageurs Classic dog sled race has already been canceled, and organizers behind the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon say they might also have to cancel because of the disappointing forecasts. A spokeswoman for the DNR tells the newspaper the agency is recasting its candlelight ski and snowshoe events as hikes, and don't even ask about the state's 22,000 miles of snowmobile trails.

Meanwhile, The Duluth News Tribune says the Minnesota DNR has taken the rare step of issuing a wildfire warning just after Christmas. The agency says "freeze-dried fuel" such as grasses and brush that are usually covered with snow this time of year could spark dangerous fires.

That means if you want to burn outside a campfire, you'll need a permit. You can apply here.

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