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Lakeville closes beach due to E. coli


The city of Lakeville closed the Valley Lake beach after water tests indicated unacceptable levels of E. coli bacteria, ECM publishers reports.

Officials plan to retest the water daily until the water is safe for swimming.

The same beach was closed last year in July due to E. coli levels. It was closed in the summer of 2011, too, Lakeville Patch reported, likely due to duck and goose droppings.

Late last week, state health officials confirmed three E. coli illnesses linked to swimming in Lake Minnetonka, which was the state's first waterborne outbreak of the summer.

E. coli illness symptoms include stomach cramps and diarrhea. Here's more info about E. coli from the state health department.

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High levels of E. coli close Minneapolis beach

Theodore Wirth Lake Beach in Minneapolis has been closed temporarily after it tested positive for E. coli bacteria that exceeded state guidelines. The rise in bacteria levels is likely caused by more birds at the lake since the start of migration season. No illnesses have been reported. The lake will be re-tested Wednesday.