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Lakeville drivers are starting to get used to the roundabout


There's a new roundabout in town, and drivers in Lakeville are starting to come to grips with it.

A new, two-lane roundabout at the intersection of County Roads 50 and 60 got off to a rough start after opening in August, with KSTP reporting 13 crashes had been reported there in its first week.

Driver Pat Harvey told the TV station it would take "a little while" for motorists to get use to it, and it seems that they were right, judging by some crash figures obtained by Sun This Week.

The newspaper says following its opening, there were 28 accidents on the roundabout in September, according to Lakeville Police Chief Jeff Long.

However, this number dropped to 16 in October.

After it opened, the Minnesota Department of Transportation said most of the accidents occur on roundabouts because people don't yield to other vehicles when they should.

And that is still a problem in Lakeville, with local Steve Bakke telling the Sun he sees drivers sometimes accelerate rather than slow down as they approach the roundabout.

Nonetheless, he admitted: "Every day it's getting better."

It is the first multi-lane roundabout to open in Dakota County, costing $11.8 million to build, and was designed to alleviate the heavy congestion problems at the intersection, the Pioneer Press reported, which sees 30,000 motorists pass through every day.

Even though accidents continue to occur, crashes on roundabouts are likely to be less serious than those at lights intersections, the DOT say, because they are "more likely to be sideswipes than T-bone collisions."

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