Larson says he's not guilty of stalking, either: 'Everyone is out to get me'


The man police arrested and then released due to lack of evidence in the Nov. 29 killing of Cold Spring Police Officer Tom Decker has now been charged with stalking an ex-girlfriend. But Ryan Larson told several reporters Thursday that he was innocent of the new charge, too.

A warrant was issued for Larson's arrest Thursday, although he had not been taken into custody early Thursday night. Police say the felony stalking charges mostly stem from emails and texts Larson sent a woman in Wright County, including email contact with her the night Decker was killed. He denies that. He said he hadn't communicated with the ex-girlfriend since August, when she took out a restraining order against him.

“It just seems like everyone is out to get me,” Larson told the St. Cloud Times. “They don’t have any single shred of evidence against me.”

Larson also texted the Star Tribune: "I'm tired of fighting and being accused. Just wish this nonsense would end."

The Star Tribune has more details about the woman from the criminal complaint. She said she had dated Larson from August 2010 until February 2011, and that Larson became depressed, angry and suicidal after they broke up.

"The constant harassment, name calling, fighting, threats of suicide, lies and blackmail ... is well past the point of being scary," she said in her request for a restraining order, the newspaper noted.

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