Late night hosts have their say on Al Franken's resignation from the U.S. Senate

Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon mentioned the Minnesota senator's resignation.

Al Franken's resignation was the big news in American politics on Thursday, and provided plenty of ammunition for late night TV hosts.

Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon are among those who had their say on their fellow comedian's announcement he'll be stepping down from the U.S. Senate in the coming weeks.

Seth Meyers referenced a comment Franken gave recently when asked if more women would come forward accusing him of sexual harassment.

"I certainly hope not," was his reply, which Meyers likened to a driver asked by a cop if they'd find weed in their car if they searched it.

But Meyers and Noah both used their platform to point out Franken's resignation makes the Republican Party's endorsement of President Trump and Roy Moore – themselves accused of multiple sexual assaults – all the more conspicuous.

Noah, on The Daily Show, replayed the section of Franken's resignation speech where he said it's ironic that he's leaving the Senate while Trump and Moore aren't going anywhere.

"The Democrats are draining their swamp," Noah said. "Republicans are installing a jungle gym in Roy Moore's new office.

"Because if Al Franken was a Republican, for better or worse, he would still have his job. He was just in the wrong party, that’s all. Like a dude who shows up at a wedding wearing a toga: wrong party. Or the guy who brings Cranium to an orgy: wrong party."


Al Franken is resigning, now what happens?

Jimmy Fallon joked at the response to Franken's resignation.

"Other senators said he seemed heartfelt, contrite, and dignified – and there is no place for someone like that in the United States Senate."

"And after Franken resigned another senator will resign tomorrow ... I'm not basing this on any news, I'm just assuming there will be another senator who has to resign, the way things are going."

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