Latest change to Delta's 'SkyMiles' program has flyers frustrated


If you're flying Delta out of the Twin Cities airport any time soon, be sure to check your SkyMiles account before requesting any perks.

The airliner's frequent flier program has changed – again.

An official email sent to SkyMiles members this week shows the rewards system will work differently starting next June; for instance, requesting an upgrade – from business to first-class, say – will likely cost you more "points," Bloomberg Business reports.

The site says some free flights will also require more SkyMiles points, thought it's unclear which routes will be affected.

On that note, CNBC quips that the new rules seem "more secretive than an Illuminati meeting," noting this is the latest in a long series of alterations to the rewards program that began at the start of the year.

The biggest effect of the continually changing SkyMiles system is that, instead of a "traditional" frequent flyer club (where the cost of a flight to any given region is calculated in miles), Delta will now charge depending on several different factors – including destination, demand and "whatever else Delta math geeks come up with," CNBC says.

While the company has said it will add more fare classes that are eligible for upgrades under the rewards program, Points Guy says, it is still unclear exactly what that entails.

Customer reactions have not been positive, to say the least:

Mashable also notes some negative social media feedback, with one disappointed frequent flyer commenting, "I didn't know what hunting for truffles felt like until I tried to redeem Delta frequent flyer miles."

Minneapolis-St. Paul International is Delta's second-largest hub in the nation, MinnPost says.

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