Latinos targeted in wave of armed robberies in south Minneapolis


Latinos have been the targets of an armed robbery spree in south Minneapolis, police say.

In a crime alert from Minneapolis' 3rd Precinct, police say there have been 17 robberies since Oct. 1 that has seen Latinos specifically targeted as victims.

All but one of the crimes have seen men robbed, but there appears to be no pattern as to when and where they are being carried out.

In the majority of cases, police say a weapon was used and on two occasions victims were injured when they resisted and fought back against the robbers.

Over half of the robberies happened near the victims' home, when they were either leaving or returning home.

There are limited descriptions of the suspects, with one or more of them described as male, aged between 20-35, and wearing all dark clothing.

The race of the suspects is also varied, and on some occasions just one robber is present, and in some cases it involved 2-3 suspects.

The 3rd Precinct covers the area south of downtown Minneapolis, between the east side of I-35W and the Mississippi River.

Police said they are stepping up patrols and enforcement in the area in response, and urged residents to be aware of their surroundings and not to walk around alone if possible.

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