Lawmaker moves to ban powdered, fruit-flavored booze

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State Rep. Joe Atkins, DFL–Inver Grove Heights, introduced a bill that would ban a powdered alcohol, also known as Palcohol, before it’s even come to market.

Palcohol is moving through the federal approval process and could be available in stores this fall.

The powdered booze contains either vodka or rum, and comes in fruity flavors with the equivalent of one shot of booze and containing around 10 to 12 percent alcohol per volume.

Rep. Atkins says that’s what he’s concerned with.

He wrote in a statement that “people will underestimate the potency of the product and that it could end up in the hands of children.”

Virtually every possible use for powdered alcohol is nefarious, not to mention potentially dangerous. The different flavorings make it appealing to children and students who could easily sneak packets into school. This powder could also be inhaled or snorted, bringing a whole new world of problems into play.

Atkins says a ban is necessary to protect public health.

Vermont is already moving to ban the substance, with other states likely to follow.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved Palcohol, but quickly rescinded the approval, stating that the approvals were “issued in error.” Palcohol is re-submitting their labels and there is a chance the product could still come to market this year.

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