Lawyer doubts reports about death of man shot by Mpls. cops


An attorney hired by the family of a man killed in a confrontation with Minneapolis police is raising doubts about the version of events that police sources have provided to news media.

Police have had little to say officially about the May 10 shooting death of Terrence Franklin. The department is still investigating the circumstances of the incident, which occurred in the basement of an Uptown home Franklin had broken into while being pursued. But unofficially police sources have suggested to the Star Tribune that Franklin was killed in a struggle for a gun, which left two officers and a police dog wounded before Franklin was killed.

As the Star Tribune reports, attorney Michael Padden says grabbing for an officer's weapon would be uncharacteristic for Franklin. Padden said the family "will not accept" a police report with that conclusion.

Padden also suggested racial profiling was at play in the police pursuit of Franklin. He tells WCCO a neighbor's video of the scene outside the home includes officers using a racial epithet in referring to Franklin, who was African-American.

Police Chief Janee Harteau issued a statement that read in part: “It is disappointing that Mr. Franklin’s family refuse my offer to meet to give them an inside look at the investigative process and status, yet they are free to make public accusations against my officers."

Padden also suggested racial bias on the part of the police during an interview with KSTP.

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