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Lawyer for Montevideo man: Officials releasing false information


Buford Rogers, 24, appeared in U.S. District Court in St. Paul Wednesday for a detention hearing, but it was postponed as his lawyer alleged that authorities have released false information about his client, the Associated Press reported.

Rogers was arrested after a raid Friday at his parents' Montevideo trailer, where investigators found weapons and explosives.

Investigators have not said exactly what prompted the raid, or why Rogers, who lives across town, was targeted for arrest. His parents say he is guilty of nothing but openly articulating anti-government views.

The FBI has said that the raid thwarted a possible terrorist attack, although Rogers is charged with just a single count: illegally possessing a firearm.

Now Rogers' lawyer, Assistant Federal Defender Andrew Mohring, is alleging that authorities have given the public misinformation about Rogers. Mohring plans to investigate further. "There has been a great deal of information and misinformation that has been released, and it should never have happened, and it should stop," Mohring said in court Wednesday, the AP reported. Mohring said legal rules prevented him from elaborating.

Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher has said police have been watching Rogers and his family, who founded a small local anti-government group called the Black Snake Militia, which many have as few as six members, the AP reported.

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