Leonard Cohen's greatness found its way into hip-hop too

Leonard Cohen's legacy stretched to all corners of the music world, including hip-hop. Here's our five favorite Leonard Cohen samples.

Yesterday, Leonard Cohen died at the age of 82.

The veteran songwriter was one of music's most influential figures for his dedication to the craft, his beautiful presentation of life's darker elements, and his thoroughly unapologetic approach.

While Leonard Cohen wasn't in every music fan's list of favorite artists, everyone has a favorite Leonard Cohen song.

His own body of work has bled into the hip-hop realm, both in style and in the artistry itself. Numerous MCs and producers have sampled his music to create their own tracks. Here are five of our favorites:

T.I. - "Hallelujah"(2012)
Let's start with perhaps Cohen's most famous and utilized work, "Hallelujah." For T.I.'s big comeback album, he channeled the hope and introspection of Cohen's original for his own "Hallelujah."

Wu-Tang Clan featuring Street Life - "Execute Them" 1998
The emotive strings of Cohen's "Who By Fire" made the perfect minimalist loop for the Wu-Tang Killa Bee compilation release The Swarm's "Execute Them."

A$AP Rocky featuring Joe Fox - "Max B" 2015
Also sampling "Who By Fire" was A$AP Rocky in his tribute to fellow Harlem great Max B featured a distorted echo of Cohen's original adding some visceral ambiance to the record.

Plan B - "Suzanne" 2007
U.K. rapper Plan B showed the influence of the Canadian Cohen on even rappers across the pond. He remade Cohen's "Suzanne" for a 2007 mixtape, which summons the potent power of the original.

Eligh - "Traveling Man" 2005
West Coast great Eligh of Living Legends flipped Cohen's "I'm Your Man" for his mid-aughts jam "Traveling Man." It's a smooth jam for traveling or just being someone's man while staying put.

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